Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Okay so everybody asks why Frascati? It is simple actually, I love Frascati wine. So what better place to sample the local wine, than Frascati. We arrived in town after a easy drive from Fumacino Airport although the official exit was closed on the highway, we managed to find our way. The maps provided online by the hotel Colonna were great, although they don't mention that the center of town is closed from Friday night to Sunday night and you have to drive around the police barricade to get to the hotel.

So like any good tourist we found a lovely spot to eat, parked the car and asked a local waiter where is our hotel? Turns out it was on the other side of the barricade and all we had to do was drive around the police to get to the hotel. Ah that's all.

This turned out to be a lovely spot for a view of Rome, from what the locals call the Panorama. The restaurant was perfect and the view even better for two tired travelers who had just arrived from JFK. We were lucky enough to stumble across the Belvedere 1933 Restuarant. The website is http://www.belvedere1933.com/index.asp
We sampled the local grilled meat plate and some fresh grilled vegetables as we enjoyed the perfect weather that followed us for our week in Italy. In some ways it felt like Ground Hog Day, slightly cool and foggy in the morning, followed by the sun peaking out about noon. Just in time for a lunch outdoors on the patio, as evening approached the temp would drop into the 50's. Not to cool and not to warm. Perfect sleeping weather. Only to start over again the next day in the same perfect sequence.