Monday, November 3, 2008

Airfares & Autos

Auto Europe
Auto Europe for airfares, rental cars, cell phone rentals and pre and post hotel reservations. We have found that Auto Europe consistently provides competitive rates with excellent service. Click on the links below for more information on Auto Europe's services. Insurance for damages and theft is included in the price of your rental in Italy.

If you pick up your car at the Fumicino Airport, the rental cars are on the fourth floor of the parking garage. The service on our last trip was good. They actually went over the damage on the car when we picked it up and when we returned the car. Staff was friendly, spoke enough english to be helpful but not too pushy. Be prepared for some crazy turns when getting in and out of the parking garage and remember: the clutch you are driving, won't like it when the van in front of you stops to back up. When returning your car, to get back into the garage get in the far left lane to make your life easier when entering the parking deck.

Euro Fly USA
Flights and Trips not directly from DC but add a Cheap flight to JFK and the cost of Airfare goes down $400.00 a person for most Departures. Allow at least 3 hours between flights from DC to JFK and JFK to Rome as flight into JFK are always late arriving. But a family of four saves $1,600.00 by using this trick.

We got one of the specials the Euro fly was offering for a few days in Oct for special flights only. NO fuel surcharge.. so for $399.00 + tax round trip we were off to Italy to enjoy La Dolce Vita for a week. Flights were limited so we left on a Friday night from JFK and returned on the following Friday night.

The trip over was a code share with Swiss air, the plane was in rough shape. Several of the seats were missing the controls for the audio and visual and the stewardess were not real interested in doing anything about it. The staff was otherwise helpful, the snack and breakfast was passable but not great. For airplane food average.

The flight boarded and left on time and we arrived in Rome at Noon on Saturday. All the luggage arrived in one piece. Although we packed light for the trip over so, one bag was inside the other to allow for the goodies we purchased to make the return trip. Euro fly allows two bags per person but the JetBlue flight we took to get to New York only allowed one.

The flight back was on a airplane owned by Eurofly and the plane was in much better shape. The line to check in, in Rome was horribly slow. A full flight of students killed the check in process, but they were quiet travelers once boarded. Keep your passport out and your seat stub as they check it as you get on the flight and again at the door of the airplane. No stub no seat.

The return flight arrived in NY an hour behind schedule, the new terminal at JFK had just opened for JetBlue and the airport staff didn't even know it. The elevator to the new terminal has the wrong numbers on the panel so you think you are on the wrong floor the whole time you are in the elevator. So take the elevator to the top, ignore the numbers.

It took the better part of a hour and a half to get off the plane, get our luggage and clear customs and the airport wasn't even busy at 8pm on a Friday night. So beware when scheduling your connecting flight. Even with the trouble of rechecking our luggage everything arrived in one piece. I would do this again for the combined savings of $1,200.00.

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