Monday, September 14, 2009

Flea Markets in Italy

Does any one know of any flea markets in Italy. I love to look for local color.

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Naviglio Grande Antiques Market
On the last Sunday of each month but July, sellers line this mile-long canal-side stretch with pristine vintage clothing and accessories, from designer bags to leather gloves.
Where: Alzaia Naviglio Grande by the Porta Genova subway stop; dates and locations listed at the association's website
When: The last Sunday of every month but July

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How NOT to Kill Your Spouse on the Road!

1. Communicate "Find your own phrase to say to support your partner when you don't have the privacy you want or when life on the road is getting you down. For instance, a simple 'Good morning' can mean 'I love you.'
2. Stay amused "Play silly games. Like 'Which movie star does that driver we just passed look like?' Such pointless fun alleviates the kind of boredom that sooner or later leads to pointless arguments."
3. Indulge "While traveling cheaply through Italy, Larry decided we should experience Positano as it was meant to be enjoyed. We checked into a nice hotel and had a totally elegant dinner. That bit of luxury made everything else better."
4. Pace yourselves "Six places in eight days is not interesting. When you slow down, you discover where you need to work together. Travel can be the renewal of a relationship."
5. Go solo "You don't have to spend every minute together. Set aside an afternoon to shop on our own for jewelry and music. After a few hours of exploring alone, it's fun to regroup and share your adventures."
6. Do not disturb "Different sleeping patterns may not be a problem at home, but when you're in the relatively confined space of a hotel room, they can make life hard. Bring earphones for watching television and eye masks for the light."
7. Chill out "You have to learn to roll with the punches. If we're starving and driving each other crazy, and there's no restaurant for another 70 miles, we can either get a chocolate bar at a gas station, or we can stick it out." Or in my case always carry a snack. We make a habit of stocking up in the airport before we get our rental car. A bag of peanuts and a drink may be really handy when you haven't eaten for 12 hours and the hotel restaurant is closed..
8. Make special plans "Create surprising little gifts out of the mundane: 'Honey, I rented us a car with a stick shift!' or 'Guess what, we're flying direct!' Your partner will then feel as if you've taken his or her preferences into account."