Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome to our Gift Registry

We would like to introduce a new service for our website. Now you can shop for all your favorite items and let all your friends and family know what you would like for your own special gift. It's easy just follow the instructions below.

Creating a New Gift Registry

It's easy to use! Just shop for your desired items like you were going to purchase them yourself. Add them to your shopping cart one at a time in the quantity that you desire. When you are finished with your selections, click CHECKOUT to submit your Registry.

Next, fill out the contact information, and choose "Registry" as your payment type.

You will receive your own customized registry link to send to your guests, family & friends, and to post on your wedding website or Facebook/MySpace.

You can also send your guests directly to our site and they can search for your registry.

We have created a quick list for you to use when setting up a more formal wedding registry.

Selecting your Dinnerware pattern should be an enjoyable experience. We’ll help you get there!
Take a moment to look inside yourself. What colors do you surround yourself in? Shades of Blue? Red? Green or Neutrals?
Your pottery should (and can) reflect your color preferences. Mixing patterns and adding trendy colors in accessories, salads or Chargers (they sit beneath your dinner plate) over the years will keep your table fresh and exciting, so don’t be afraid to play and have fun!

After color preference we’ll look at patterns classic, modern, floral or simple banded. A combination of designs can give your table that wow factor you thought might not have been possible!

Now we’ll move on to place settings. You’ll want a minimum of 12 five-piece place settings for your formal dinnerware. This will include a dinner plate, salad plate, bread & butter plate and a cup & saucer. The soup/pasta bowl is a separate piece. Remember; you can serve a pasta appetizer, salad or even dessert in your soup!
For your everyday dinnerware 8-10 place settings will do. The place setting in casual dinnerware will include; a dinner plate, salad plate, soup or cereal bowl and mug or cup & saucer.
Don’t forget to register for all your much needed accessories.

· A teapot and coffee pot (If you drink coffee and tea, register for both)

· 12 extra salad or dessert plates (this way no one will be in the kitchen washing salad plates to come back for dessert!)

· Salt & Pepper shakers

Caring for your majolica is easier today than ever before. Manufacturers know that contemporary couples lead busy lives and demand the ease of machine washing. * Most pottery is dishwasher safe. Newer dishwashers have a fine china setting use it. If yours does not, be sure to use a minimum of non-abrasive and non-acidic detergent, being sure to space your pieces. When the wash & dry cycle is complete, always let your pieces cool completely before putting it away.
*Be sure to speak with your La Tavola Bella bridal registry consultant about the best ways to give your pottery the care it deserves.

If you have any problems you can just call us at (540) 270-4502 or email us at and we will set it up for you.

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